Advanced plasmid technology: improving safety and performance​

The Nanoplasmid™ vector is a high-performance <500 bp antibiotic-free bacterial backbone that, by combining the best attributes of plasmid and minicircle vectors, is designed to replace antiquated bacterial backbones that have for decades been the industry standard. The Nanoplasmid backbone is engineered to reduce plasmid associated innate immune activation which is ubiquitously associated with plasmid vectors; this translates to much lower observed toxicity and vector inactivation during primary cell transfection resulting in superior performance compared to plasmid and/or minicircle vectors with a broad range of gene and cell therapy products. This webinar will provide an overview of the Nanoplasmid technology and highlight the benefits in a variety of applications, relying on data from published studies.

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Venkata Indurthi

Venkata Indurthi

Chief Scientific Officer, Aldevron

Venkata Indurthi has been a member of the Aldevron team since he received his doctorate in pharmaceutical sciences from North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND, in 2016. He has held a variety of positions in increasing responsibility and focus including Senior Scientist in product and process design, Director of RNA Operations, Director and then Vice President of Research and Development before being named Chief Scientific Officer in 2022. Indurthi received his Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology from SRM University, Chennai, India, in 2010. He has been recognized with several awards and honors from a variety of organizations, served on or lead many panels, and has authored or participated in numerous published articles.

Arsalan Arif

Arsalan Arif

Founder & publisher, endpoints news

Arsalan Arif is a news media entrepreneur who set out in 2015 to build his vision of an independent biotech news company at Endpoints News.