Double your development speed: a new approach to viral vector design

Addressing cell and gene therapy challenges through advances in scientific and manufacturing technology

The manufacturing of viral vectors is a major bottleneck in delivering cell and gene therapies to the patient. Reducing the cost of goods while maintaining a high quality of the viral materials requires disruptive changes to the process. A novel approach to vector design through promoter and capsid engineering leads to more effective and specific vectors. Alternatives to the standard transfection-based process improve process efficiency through increased titres and reduced cost of goods. We will discuss challenges and trends within the cell and gene therapy industry, and how advances in technology help accelerate the development of breakthrough therapies.

Attend this webinar for insights into:
  • Addressing the complexities of viral vector production for cell and gene therapies
  • The benefits of adopting scalable, high-throughput technologies coupled with tailored DoE methodology
  • How OXGENE leveraged advanced technologies to expand their know-how and deliver disruptive innovation
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Jakub Krakowiak

Jakub Krakowiak

Group Leader of Process Development, OXGENE

Jakub Krakowiak is the Group Leader of Process Development at OXGENE with a BSc in Biotechnology (University of Edinburgh), EngD in Biopharmaceutical process development (Newcastle University) and extensive experience in the viral vector production. At OXGENE, he developed and scaled up the process of production for LV, AAV and AdV vectors and continues to oversee further development of company’s processes and technologies.

Lara Nascimento-Brooks

Lara Nascimento-Brooks

Market Entry Strategy Manager, Sartorius

Lara Nascimento-Brooks is a bioprocess engineer graduated from UFPR in Brazil and UTC in France. She has biopharmaceutical experience within roles including Production, Quality and R&D. In her current role in market-entry strategy at Sartorius, she focuses on strategies for the implementation of innovative cell culture technologies. Prior to Sartorius, Lara worked at GSK within the Cell & Gene Therapy department for LV platform development.