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Actionable data: Challenges, solutions and case studies across pharma research

Large volumes of multidimensional data are now commonplace in pharmaceutical research. Ability to transform these data into actionable knowledge in a timely manner provides a competitive advantage to organizations that implement smart approaches in data processing, integration, summarization, and democratization.

This presentation explores how the combination of advanced hardware and versatile software are a cornerstone in transforming the way the pharmaceutical industry perceives, processes, and acts upon data.

The presentation will cover:
  1. Solutions and Challenges: An in-depth overview of the rationale behind the adoption of specific approaches to manage varied and complex biological data.
  2. Case Studies: Examples illustrating the seamless integration of computational infrastructure with scripting languages for data analysts and powerful visualization tools for research scientists.
  3. Future Directions: Highlighting current challenges and speculating on the future advancements to further revolutionize data-informed decision-making in a pharmaceutical industry setting.
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Yevgeniy Gindin

Yevgeniy Gindin

Director, Computational Biology & Bioinformatics, Revolution Medicines

Yevgeniy Gindin received his PhD in Bioinformatics from Boston University. Currently serving as the Director of Computational Biology & Bioinformatics at Revolution Medicines, Yevgeniy is deeply interested in leveraging computational approaches to uncover hidden patterns in complex datasets.

Allyn Eaker

Allyn Eaker

Research Associate, Revolution Medicines

Allyn graduated from UC San Diego with a MS in Bioengineering in 2021. Allyn is currently serving as a Research Associate at Revolution Medicines where he manages data processing pipelines and tests exploratory techniques for analyzing single cell datasets.

Cecilie Boysen

Cecilie Boysen

Customer Success Director, DNAnexus

Cecilie Boysen, Ph.D., serves as a Customer Success Director for DNAnexus assisting diagnostic, pharmaceutical, and biotech clients in their efforts to make and use tools to analyze their multi-modality Omics data. Since developing mapping and sequencing technologies instrumental in the first human genome project, she has been developing and applying technologies and software in genomics, functional genomics, immuno-oncology, diagnostics, drug discovery, and bioinformatics. Cecilie holds a Master’s of Science in Biochemistry from University of Copenhagen, Denmark, and a Ph.D. in Biology from Caltech, US.

Anand Rao

Anand Rao

Director of Pharma Market Development, DNAnexus

Anand holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Neuroscience, with a research focus on unraveling the intricate mechanisms governing neuronal development, regeneration, and injury response. Transitioning into the realm of life science technology, Anand has applied his expertise to tackle critical challenges spanning scientific reproducibility, data management, analysis, and collaboration. In his current role as the Director of Pharma Market Development at DNAnexus, a pioneering force in the fields of bioinformatics and precision health data management, Anand works internally with cross-functional teams and externally with leaders in biopharma to spearhead progress at the intersection of life sciences and data-driven innovation.

Kari Abitbol

Kari Abitbol

Head of Webinars & Client Success, Endpoints News

As head of the client success team at Endpoints News, Kari oversees campaign delivery and strategy for all advertising and client-directed webinars. She brings nearly 20 years of diverse experience across strategic communications, content development and operational leadership.