Checkpoint inhibitors: the gut microbiome’s role in anti-tumor response

Precision oncology considers the molecular characteristics of a patient’s tumor to determine an ideal approved or investigational therapy that could provide clinical benefit. While prospective profiling of patients' tumors has resulted in improved selection and response to therapies, this “tumorcentric” approach can fail to account for the impact of the complex microenvironment that influences tumor growth and response to therapy. The gut microbiota is a complex ecosystem of microorganisms. These microbes play fundamental roles in health and survival and have been found to play a significant role in the response to cancer therapy and susceptibility to toxic side effects of those drugs. In this webinar, we will explore the use of syngeneic mouse models and supplementation with microbiota to enhance immune modulation.

  • Learn how a syngeneic model of HPV-associated cancer can be used to characterize the activity of immune checkpoint inhibitors
  • Discover how Bifidobacteria supplementation enhanced the anti-cancer activity of immune checkpoint blockade
  • Discuss the combination benefit of a small molecule epigenetic immunomodulator combined with Bifidobacteria supplementation
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Paul Gonzales

Paul Gonzales

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