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Exposing hidden targets within the mRNA regulation space

The process of mRNA regulation is an intricate one, involving various levels of control to ensure the proper synthesis of proteins. Energy-intensive mRNA translation is tightly regulated at multiple post-transcription levels, including splicing, nuclear export, intracellular localization, degradation, stabilization, and translation, to ensure that proteins are produced only when and where needed. A deeper understanding of the regulatory mechanisms that oversee mRNA translation can uncover new targets for drug discovery and therapeutic intervention.

Join our upcoming webinar to hear from Iris Alroy, Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Anima Biotech, a leading drug discovery platform company in the field of mRNA biology, and Michael Kharas, a world-renowned cancer biologist and expert in RNA regulation from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Iris and Michael will discuss the latest advancements in mRNA regulation research and the impact of these findings on drug discovery.

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Iris Alroy

Iris Alroy

Co-founder and CSO, Anima Biotech

Iris Alroy, Ph.D., has over 25 years of experience in drug discovery, preclinical and early clinical development. Dr. Alroy has served as co-founder and CSO of Anima since 2015, supervising drug discovery and pipeline development in the emerging field of mRNA translation regulation. Prior to Anima, she acted as VP of Discovery at Proteologics and Pharmos Corp. and CEO of several startup biotech companies, including Fusimab, Ltd. and ProMining Therapeutics Ltd. Dr. Alroy earned her doctorate in Cell Biology from Cornell University and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the Weizmann Institute. She has authored more than 20 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Michael G. Kharas

Michael G. Kharas

Member with Tenure, Molecular Pharmacology Program, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Dr. Michael G. Kharas is an Investigator that leads a laboratory in the Molecular Pharmacology Program at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center (New York, NY, USA) and Professor at Weill Cornell Pharmacology Graduate Program. Dr. Kharas finished his postdoctoral training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and studied how signaling pathways alters stem cell regulation. In 2011 he started his laboratory at MSK and focused on the controllers of cellular fate in the blood. His laboratory has uncovered new RNA regulators and how they modulate self-renewal, cell-fate decisions, and differentiation in both normal blood development and in myeloid leukemia. Also, his laboratory is developing inhibitors that block the function of RNA regulators as a new therapeutic strategy in cancer. Dr. Kharas has received recognition including the Leukemia Lymphoma Society Scholar Award and American Society of Hematology Scholar Award.

Arsalan Arif

Arsalan Arif

Founder & Publisher, Endpoints News

Arsalan Arif is a news media entrepreneur who set out in 2015 to build his vision of an independent biotech news company at Endpoints News.