Harnessing the power of antigen specific T-cell responses to improve vaccine development

Vaccine developers face many challenges related to understanding the immune response, including measuring the magnitude of response, determining the duration of the response and understanding efficacy.

Adaptive Biotechnologies has built a revolutionary immune medicine platform capable of profiling T-cell receptors (TCR) at high throughput in order to gain an in-depth understanding of cellular responses to vaccination. Using the Adaptive Immunosequencing assay, vaccine developers can measure the magnitude of T-cell response, monitor the duration of response, and correlate the response with efficacy. Immunosequencing may also be used to establish correlates of protection and of risk to better understand the level of cellular response needed to prevent infection and mitigate adverse events. When studying breakthrough infections, T-cell responses may help stratify patients based on disease severity.

Adaptive has also built a robust database linking TCRs to specific diseases. For some pathogens like SARS-CoV-2, RSV, and influenza, the database links specific TCRs to their cognate antigen. Taken together, Adaptive’s platform offers researchers at all stages of vaccine development the ability to characterize T-cell responses to inform vaccine efficacy and design more effective vaccines for current and emerging pathogens.

The content applies to those conducting vaccine research, including preclinical and clinical development with roles in pharmaceutical research, biotechnology and academia.

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Matt Knight

Matt Knight

Senior Manager, Immune Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Matt Knight, PhD, has more than 10 years of research experience in microbiology and immunology, and specializes in helping clinical researchers and therapeutic developers incorporate Adaptive’s immunosequencing technology into their translational efforts. He has extensive experience in immunosequencing projects, including those in autoimmunity, immuno-oncology and vaccinology. He has also conducted antigen mapping work. Matt earned a PhD in microbiology from UC Berkeley, where he studied T cell and macrophage responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

Patrick Raber

Patrick Raber

Senior Director, Immune Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Patrick Raber, PhD, is an immunologist with more than 12 years of research experience and an expert in the field of immunosequencing. His current role as senior director at Adaptive is focused on incorporating immunosequencing into translational research and clinical trials for Adaptive’s biopharmaceutical and academic partners. He specializes in experimental design, data analysis and data interpretation. Patrick earned a PhD in microbiology, immunology, and parasitology from the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, LA.

Kari Abitbol

Kari Abitbol

Director, Client Success, Endpoints News

As head of the client success team at Endpoints News, Kari oversees campaign delivery and strategy for all advertising and client-directed webinars. She brings nearly 20 years of diverse experience across strategic communications, content development and operational leadership.