How immune repertoire sequencing is addressing unmet needs in multiple sclerosis drug development

Existing therapies for multiple sclerosis (MS) are primarily directed toward the systemic reduction of immune activation against the neural tissue using anti-inflammatory and B-cell depleting agents, as well as restricting proliferation, migration, or replication of lymphocytes. These therapies are largely disease-modifying agents, and there remains a significant unmet clinical need for disease-arresting or curative therapies.

Major hurdles to patients and clinicians include the lack of clear in-vitro diagnostics for early detection, staging, or prediction of disease severity and progression—and there are no accurate blood-based biomarkers for evaluating drugs in clinical trials. Addressing these areas of unmet needs in treatment and diagnostic/biomarker development will require measuring and understanding subsets of lymphocytes relevant to disease severity, progression, and response to therapy.

Learn how Adaptive’s rapid and minimally invasive T-cell receptor (TCR) sequencing and antigen-agnostic analytical platform can be leveraged to advance specific and sensitive diagnostics, as well as more sophisticated therapeutics. This platform can assist researchers and developers who are:

  • Assessing patients’ T-cell responses using Adaptive’s MS-specific TCR signatures, including responses associated with human leukocyte antigen (HLA) risk alleles
  • Monitoring disease-specific T-cell responses through disease progression, including pre-therapy, post-therapy, and longitudinally
  • Evaluating and establishing clinical trial endpoints or biomarkers such as:
    • Early detection and differential diagnosis
    • Disease staging
    • Disease progression or severity
    • Patient selection and stratification
    • Understanding drug mechanism of action
    • Drug efficacy and safety and monitoring
    • Understand responders and non-responders
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Haiyin Chen

Haiyin Chen

Senior Director, Research & Development, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Haiyin Chen, PhD, is a computational biologist with more than a decade of R&D experience in pharma and biotech, applying deep genomics expertise in oncology, infectious disease, and immunology. As the senior director of the TCR Antigen Map Project, a joint collaboration with Microsoft Research, she leads a team of computational scientists at Adaptive in developing T-cell receptor (TCR) signatures of autoimmune and infectious diseases. The team is also building machine learning models to further our understanding of antigen association and recognition by TCRs. Chen received her PhD in biomedical engineering from Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

Patrick Raber

Patrick Raber

Senior Director, Immune Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Patrick Raber, PhD, is an immunologist with more than 12 years of research experience and an expert in the field of immunosequencing. His current role as senior director at Adaptive is focused on incorporating immunosequencing into translational research and clinical trials for Adaptive’s biopharmaceutical and academic partners. He specializes in experimental design, data analysis and data interpretation. Raber earned a PhD in microbiology, immunology, and parasitology from the LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans, LA.

Erik Yusko

Erik Yusko

Senior Director, Immune Medicine, Adaptive Biotechnologies

Erik Yusko, PhD, has spent almost a decade in various roles at Adaptive, most recently building sophisticated drug discovery capabilities and advancing partnerships with pharmaceutical manufacturers. He developed models for tracking repertoire dynamics in response to various therapies as computational biologist, advancing our understanding of how immunotherapies modulate the immune response to solid tumors. Yusko earned a PhD in biomedical engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Cornell University.

Kari Abitbol

Kari Abitbol

Head of Webinars & Client Success, Endpoints News

As head of the client success team at Endpoints News, Kari oversees campaign delivery and strategy for all advertising and client-directed webinars. She brings nearly 20 years of diverse experience across strategic communications, content development and operational leadership.