How to assess the quality of AI output when structuring unstructured medical data

Looking to empower your organizations with high quality patient data? Human abstraction has long been considered the gold standard for extracting high quality information from EHR data. With the rise of NLP, large language models, and machine learning, the question becomes: how should we evaluate these new technologies against the traditional abstraction methods?

Join Karim Galil and Sailu Challapalli as they walk through a breakthrough quality framework for understanding AI output.

In this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • Challenges facing Real-World Evidence Organizations
  • When should your organization use AI
  • A Quality Framework to assess how AI performs
  • How AI and Clinicians can work together
  • Q&A
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Karim Galil

Karim Galil

Founder and CEO, Mendel

Dr. Karim Galil, MD, is the CEO and Co-founder of Mendel.ai. Mendel's mission is to learn from every patient by structuring and de-identifying patient data at machine scale and human fidelity to power clinical and research use cases. Dr. Galil’s experience as a physician demonstrated that medicine does not advance at the same rate as technology. With Mendel, he aims to bridge this gap, facilitate clinical research at scale, and make medicine objective. Dr. Galil’s expertise in AI, medical informatics, and digital health makes him a sought-after presence at global conferences.

Sailu Challapalli

Sailu Challapalli

Chief Product Officer, Mendel

Sailu Challapalli has two decades of experience in healthcare data and technology, consulting, and with health systems. She is currently the Chief Product Officer at Mendel.ai where she oversees Mendel’s product, design and customer delivery teams. At Mendel, Sailu works directly with the AI team to incorporate Mendel’s proprietary models and technology into an end-to-end AI data platform, front-end abstraction tools, and clinical data services that deliver high quality, structured data at scale. Sailu completed her BS and MEng degrees at MIT and received an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Kari Abitbol

Kari Abitbol

Director, Client Success, Endpoints News

As head of the client success team at Endpoints News, Kari oversees campaign delivery and strategy for all advertising and client-directed webinars. She brings nearly 20 years of diverse experience across strategic communications, content development and operational leadership.