Navigating industry challenges to drive sustainable Plasmid DNA strategies

Plasmid DNA is the critical starting material in advanced therapies and DNA/RNA vaccines. It defines the functionality and safety of finished therapeutic products – carrying the genetic code for the final therapeutic gene and coding for the vector capsid. Simply put, plasmid DNA is the backbone of viral vector development. As the number of products in development increases, and with more products entering late clinical phase development, product developers need to future-proof their plasmid manufacturing strategy from a commercial and regulatory perspective. As developers still commonly outsource plasmid manufacturing to CDMOs, how can they effectively leverage CDMOs to establish a sustainable strategy that balances speed to clinic with commercial requirements?

This webinar addresses common industry challenges around plasmid development, production, and supply chain bottlenecks, and offers up strategies for CDMOs to meet the evolving requirements of product developers:

  • Streamline manufacturing by leveraging an established plasmid DNA platform with a focus on standardization
  • Support accelerated time-to-clinic with a phase-appropriate production approach and fit-for-purpose quality management
  • Supply chain simplification and improved flexibility through ongoing CDMO capacity and capability expansion, including off-the-shelf plasmids
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Andrew Frazer

Andrew Frazer

Associate Director, Scientific Solutions, Charles River Laboratories

Since graduating with A Ph.D. in biochemistry from Queen’s University Belfast, Andrew has attained over 10 years of experience in the design, implementation, and tech-transfer of processes for the manufacture of biocatalysts, small molecule APIs, and biologics. Andrew now holds a commercial role as Associate Director, Scientific Solutions within Charles River CDMO Services with a focus on the plasmid DNA manufacturing platform and service offering.


Arsalan Arif

Founder & Publisher, Endpoints News

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