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Oncology case studies: How two life sciences companies applied real-world evidence to drive innovation

Real-world evidence (RWE) continues to play a growing role in addressing evidence needs across the oncology drug development life cycle, unlocking data and insights that were previously unattainable. As the oncology landscape evolves with regulatory guidance and new technologies, life sciences companies are relying on RWE solutions to tackle bold research questions faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In this webinar, experts from Flatiron Health, Eli Lilly, and GSK will:

  • Highlight how RWE was leveraged to understand unmet need and treatment patterns to support FDA accelerated approval
  • Demonstrate the impact of RWE in optimizing drug utilization to improve patients’ outcomes across indications
  • Discuss industry perspectives on current and future applications and impact of RWE
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Lisa M. Hess

Lisa M. Hess

Associate Vice President, Eli Lilly and Company

Lisa Hess is Associate Vice President of Value, Evidence and Outcomes research at Eli Lilly and Company and Adjunct Professor of Public Health and Medicine at Indiana University (IU), Indianapolis USA and at UMIT- University for Health Sciences and Technology in Tyrol, Austria. After a more than 20-year career in academia, she joined Eli Lilly and Company in 2012, where her work focuses on observational research methods in oncology. Her research interests involve multidisciplinary and collaborative efforts to improve cancer care and patient outcomes through the use of observational and clinical trial data.

Tirza Areli Calderón Boyle

Tirza Areli Calderón Boyle

Director, Oncology Epidemiology, GSK

Tirza Boyle has 10 years of experience in epidemiological research and is currently Director of Oncology Epidemiology at GSK. She earned her PhD in epidemiology and MPH from the University of Pennsylvania, Perelman School of Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. In her current role, she is responsible for driving real-world evidence generation strategy, using various forms of real-world data to provide evidence on the safety and effectiveness of oncology products for patients, health care providers and regulators.

Kelly Magee

Kelly Magee

Senior Clinical Director, Flatiron Health

Kelly Magee is a nurse practitioner and Senior Clinical Director at Flatiron Health. Kelly combines her 15+ years of clinical experience caring for people with cancer with her deep expertise in real world data and evidence. In her role at Flatiron, Kelly develops novel approaches for using electronic health record data to understand the experiences and outcomes of people with cancer and collaborates with sponsors to design and conduct research studies that generate evidence to support use cases across the drug development lifecycle.

Matt Reynolds

Matt Reynolds

Vice President, Scientific Engagement, Flatiron Health

Matt is an epidemiologist who has been in the pharmaceutical and consulting arena for 24 years with expertise in real-world data and its fitness of use for pharmaceutical needs. In his role at Flatiron, Matt works closely with biopharma customers to understand their unique oncology evidence needs, scope and define scientific solutions tailored to address these goals, and advance Flatiron's capabilities in RWE analytic services.