R&D changemakers: Building Resilience’s digital infrastructure for a modern R&D team

Learn how changemaker, Matt Schulze, is elevating Resilience’s Process & Analytical Development by creating more efficient, collaborative, and happier teams through digital transformation.

With automation on the rise, the amount of data generated through R&D has grown exponentially year-over-year and will continue to grow. This fact, coupled with a globally distributed workforce and unpredictable elements, like the COVID-19 pandemic, has companies scrambling to build out their IT infrastructure to support and future-proof their workforce.

Matt Schulze, Head of Digital Biomanufacturing Applications at Resilience, is passionate about IT and the value it can bring to a company. Resilience is a technology-focused manufacturing company dedicated to broadening access to complex medicines. The company aims to build a sustainable network of high-tech, end-to-end biomanufacturing solutions to ensure the medicines of today and tomorrow can be made quickly, safely and at scale. By continuously advancing the science of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and development, Resilience seeks to free its partners to focus on the discoveries that improve patients’ lives.

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Matt Schulze

Matt Schulze

Head of Digital Biomanufacturing Applications, Resilience

Matt is passionate about connecting people with each other through ideas and solutions. His focus is on developing authentic relationships, the value of data collection and analysis as well as being able to confidently tell stories that inspire and advocate Resilience’s mission. Some of Matt’s professional successes include the development and delivery of technical solutions across global businesses as well as leading strategic infrastructure initiatives to secure long-term growth and viability.

Loren Perelman

Loren Perelman

Head of Enterprise Professional Services, Benchling

Loren Perelman is Benchling’s Head of Enterprise Professional Services. His career has been focused on helping organizations make better use of their primary asset, data, by improving methods of collection and utilization. Prior to Benchling, Loren was Vice President of Scientific Solutions at Riffyn, working with various customers in the Biotech and Biopharma spaces. Before Riffyn, he spent over a decade leading R&D, Process Development, and Manufacturing teams in those same spaces, with a focus on quality, analytical chemistry, and stats/modeling. His education includes a PhD in Materials Science from UCSD and a B.S. in Chemistry from Harvey Mudd College.

Arsalan Arif

Arsalan Arif

Founder & Publisher, Endpoints News

Arsalan Arif is a news media entrepreneur who set out in 2015 to build his vision of an independent biotech news company at Endpoints News.