The pillars of research in 2035

What does the clinical research of the future look like? As the entire healthcare industry undergoes monumental shifts, clinical researchers are challenged to keep up and push research further, faster. Join Castor CEO Derk Arts and Chief Clinical Development Officer Kimberly Tableman as they discuss what they expect clinical research to look like in 2035—and how the industry can lean into change right now.

In this webinar, follow a patient through a clinical trial of the future to see how unexpected partnerships will widen our definition of healthcare, how future regulatory bodies may handle higher complexity data sets, and how patients will be empowered to take full control of their data.

In this webinar, participants will learn about:
  • The big changes underway in healthcare and how these influence clinical trials
  • How recruitment and enrollment will evolve—and put patients in the driver’s seat
  • The role of personalization and partnerships in a better patient experience
  • Why interoperability and real-time access to data will change researcher workflow
  • How reusable data could speed up cures and save more lives
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Kimberly Tableman

Kimberly Tableman

Chief Clinical Development Officer, Castor

Kimberly Tableman brings more than 23 years of experience in clinical development and technology and a passion for serving diverse patients. Over the past decade, she has focused on applying digital health technologies to reimagine the patient journey. Kimberly is passionately committed to transforming the Clinical Research journey for patients from increased knowledge and access to clinical trials, enhanced enrollment in trials, and an improved experience through the clinical trial. Kimberly previously led operational strategy, execution, and product development at Medicine X and was the co-founder of Rabble Health, an emerging provider of patient and provider access to oncology care, support, and services.

Derk Arts

Derk Arts

CEO and Founder, Castor

Derk Arts MD, PhD has 15+ years of experience in medicine, research and technology. He founded Castor to solve the biggest issues in clinical research: a lack of inclusivity, patient focus and impact of data. Castor enables sponsors worldwide to run patient-centric trials on a unified platform that helps them maximize the impact of research data on patient lives. Dr. Arts believes the key to achieving lasting change in the industry is through scalability and standardization.

Arsalan Arif

arsalan arif

Founder & Publisher, Endpoints News

Arsalan Arif is a news media entrepreneur who set out in 2015 to build his vision of an independent biotech news company at Endpoints News.